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Polly Love

Yay just found this community. Hey all.:)
I'd like to share some pics of my beloved Polly Pocket compact collection. I've been obsessing over these for a few years now :

These are the older kind, mostly from the 80's, early 90's...they're super small (the new Polly stuff is huge in comparison and doesn't interest me much)and these fold up into cute little compacts of all shapes..hearts, flowers, books, etc!

The colors and microworld playfulness of them inspire many of my artworks(look in the landings section)...and I even used some of the Polly titles for my last series of 'sparkleworlds'!...here's a close-up of one of my favorites- Suki's Teahouse

Here's the one that opens up from the bookshape- It's called 'Sparkle Snowland' and the plastic is all beautifully glittered!

This is probably my ABSOLUTE Favorite. 'Grandma's Cottage'. I made a large artwork based on this...*sigh*..but unfortunately the resin didn't work out..waah.This one opens up from the house shape.

And here's one more pic of a pretty teagarden one...the doors open and the swings go round and the little bunny pops up and down when you move Polly on the path..:)

I hope you enjoy the pictures!
I got most of these off of ebay over time...and many from onlypollypocket.com. I can't quite part with the little white polly statue right now (I read the last entry)..because she is the guardian of that little garden...but you might be able to find one through that site I linked..she has odds and ends too and is super nice to deal with.
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